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It's airy.
It doesn't block the view.

Effectively block the strong light, ensure the indoor light is soft, prevent dazzle, avoid light radiation trouble.

Heat insulation, energy saving and emission reduction.

With good thermal insulation performance, greatly reduce the utilization rate of indoor air conditioning. Outdoor use can protect glass from direct sunlight radiation and reduce heat intake.

Anti ultraviolet,
avoid dazzle.

The sun shading fabric can resist up to 95% ultraviolet rays, filter glare sunlight, obtain natural light, improve indoor quality and improve visual comfort.
UV protection

Fire retardant,
self extinguishing.

sunscreen fabric is not easy to burn when it meets fire, and it will go out when the fire source leaves. Whether it is home or office, can greatly avoid fire hazards.

Moistureproof and antibacterial, not easy to mildew.

The surface of sunshine cloth is treated by high temperature, high pressure and anti-static, so it is not easy to accumulate dust, has long service life, is not easy to embrittle, and is not easy to loose. Bacteria can't breed, fabric won't mildew

Constant size, not easy to deform.

The material of sunscreen fabric itself determines that it does not have ductility, will not deform, and maintains its flatness for a long time

Easy to clean,
can be placed in water brushing.

The fabric does not contain harmful substances to human health, creating a healthy and environmentally friendly indoor environment. Fabric is not easy to mildew, easy to clean - can be placed in water brushing, fabric color is firm, strong antibacterial ability.

Good color fastness, lasting as new color.

sunscreen fabric contains unique anti-oxidation factors, with anti yellowing and anti-oxidation characteristics, which can ensure the fabric color lasting as new, bright and clean. 3D printing technology can also be used to customize the brand logo.